Canine Lameness: What You Need to Know

canine lameness milwaukee, wi

If your four-legged family member is showing signs of lameness or discomfort, it’s essential to understand the potential causes and the importance of prompt care. In today’s blog, we discuss some of the potential causes of lameness in dogs, accompanying symptoms, and available treatment options. Frontier Veterinary Urgent Care in Greenfield, WI, is dedicated to…

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5 Common Winter Pet Emergencies

winter pet emergencies milwaukee, wi

Winter in Greenfield, WI, can bring a unique set of challenges to pet owners. Cold temperatures, ice, and snow can all pose significant safety risks to our pets. In this blog, we’ll explore five common winter pet emergencies and discuss how Frontier Veterinary Urgent Care can help. Remember, we’re here to help with any urgent…

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8 Symptoms of a Feline Urinary Infection

feline urinary infection milwaukee, wi

Cats, just like humans, can experience a range of health issues, and urinary tract infections are among the more common ailments affecting our feline companions. Understanding the symptoms of a feline urinary tract infection (UTI) is essential for every cat owner. Early detection and treatment are key to ensuring your cat’s health and comfort. If…

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Tips to Keep Your Pets Safe During the Holidays

pet holiday safety tips milwaukee, wi

The holiday season, while a time of joy and celebration, can pose unexpected risks to our family pets. At Frontier Veterinary Urgent Care in Greenfield, WI, we exclusively provide urgent care services for dogs and cats in need of urgent medical attention. This blog offers essential tips to keep your pets safe during the holidays,…

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10 Signs of Fever in Cats

fever in cats milwaukee, wi

As a caring and responsible cat parent, your feline friend’s health is your top priority. But sometimes, our furry pals may fall ill, and being masters of disguise, they often hide their discomfort until it becomes too severe. One common ailment cats can experience is fever.  In this blog post, we will explore “10 Signs…

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What to Do If Your Dog Has a Dental Emergency

dog dental emergency-milwaukee-wi

When it comes to our furry friends, nothing is more disheartening than watching them in distress. Dental emergencies in dogs can happen unexpectedly, and recognizing the signs is the first step in getting them the help they need. Dogs may show symptoms such as loss of appetite, excessive drooling, or a sudden change in behavior.…

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10 Top Cat Emergencies

top cat emergencies milwaukee, wi

As a pet owner, nothing is more scary than seeing your furry friend in distress. Especially for cat parents, it can be tough to decipher what’s normal behavior and what signals an emergency. In this post, we’ll delve into the ten most common cat emergencies. If you suspect your cat may be experiencing a health…

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Could My Dog Have Had a Concussion?

dog concussion milwaukee, wi

Just as it is with humans, concussions in dogs are serious business. These injuries happen when a blow to the head causes the brain to rapidly move back and forth inside the skull, leading to temporary but potentially severe symptoms. While dogs can’t tell us they have a headache or feel dizzy, they can certainly…

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Why Is My Cat Coughing?

cat coughing milwaukee, wi

As a cat parent in Milwaukee, you’ve undoubtedly observed a wide range of feline behaviors. While purring or scratching is typical, what about coughing? Should it cause alarm? A cough can be a normal reflex to clear the throat and airways. However, if it becomes persistent, it might signal underlying health issues. Let’s take a…

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What to Do If Your Dog is Hit By a Car

dog hit by car milwaukee, wi

As dedicated pet parents, we always want the best for our furry friends. Accidents can happen and sometimes a peaceful walk can turn into a pet emergency. Pet emergencies include incidents such as your pet being hit by a car. At Frontier Veterinary Urgent Care in Milwaukee, WI, we understand how crucial quick and correct actions…

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