Treating Various Skin Conditions in Milwaukee, WI

Skin disorders are among the most common health conditions plaguing our canine and feline companions. While your pet’s skin problem might seem minor, it could progress quicker than you think and become more difficult to treat. Therefore, a sense of urgency is necessary to resolve the issue in its earliest stage to prevent infection and a cascade of related problems, and give your pet more immediate relief. At Frontier Veterinary Urgent Care, our team is experienced and knowledgeable in dermatology treatments and diagnostics to better understand and treat your companion's condition as effectively as possible.

Contact us at (262) 226-2055 if your pet has a problem with their skin, coat, and/or ears.

Signs Your Pet Might have a Skin Problem

If your pet is showing any of these physical signs and/or behaviors, they might have a skin issue requiring urgent treatment.

  • Itching and scratching incessantly
  • Licking, chewing, and biting at the skin and paws
  • Areas of the skin and/or ears are red and inflamed
  • Dry, crusty patches of skin
  • Dull, greasy coat
  • Strong odor from the skin/ears
  • Bald spots in your pet’s coat

Skin, Ear, and Coat Conditions Our Vets Can Treat in Milwaukee, WI

Our doctors and supporting team members can diagnose, manage, and treat a wide variety of conditions affecting the ears, skin, and coat, including:

  • Ear infections
  • Acute or chronic skin allergies
  • Bacterial infections
  • Skin tags
  • External parasites such as mites, ticks, and fleas
  • Fungal infections (skin, ears, nails)
  • Mange
Dog Allergies

Do You Have an Itchy Pet?

If you are concerned about your pet’s skin and/or ears and want to see a vet right away, contact Frontier Veterinary Urgent Care so we can triage your pet and help you arrange an appointment if necessary. Skin disorders and ear infections should not wait for treatment, as they can cause your pet significant discomfort and lead to a host of other, secondary conditions, such as a bacterial infection.

To prevent your pet’s condition from getting worse, contact us today at (262) 226-2055.