Providing Treatment for Internal and External Parasites in Pets

Parasites are one of the biggest headaches for pet owners and their pets. Timely treatment is the best way to provide your companion with quicker relief from internal and external parasites, and hopefully prevent the proliferation of these pests throughout your household (and among your other pets, if you have them).

Below are the most common internal and external parasites we see in pets, and the types of symptoms they can cause.

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Dog And Cat At Vet

External Parasites Affecting Dogs and Cats

External parasites can be found on your pet’s fur, skin, or even in their ears. They include:

Internal Parasites Found in Dogs and Cats

Frontier Veterinary Urgent Care offers effective treatments for a wide range of internal parasites, including:

How to Protect Your Pet from Internal and External Parasites

Parasite preventatives are your pet’s best defense against parasitic infections. Flea, tick, and heartworm preventatives are a must, and should be given year-round to keep your dog or cat healthy. An additional measure you can take to reduce your pet’s exposure to internal parasites like roundworms is to keep your pet from sniffing around another dog’s feces, and to pick up your pet’s waste right away instead of leaving it in the yard. You should also subscribe to yearly parasite checks for your pet to screen for evidence of worms.