10 Signs of Fever in Cats

As a caring and responsible cat parent, your feline friend’s health is your top priority. But sometimes, our furry pals may fall ill, and being masters of disguise, they often hide their discomfort until it becomes too severe. One common ailment cats can experience is fever. 

In this blog post, we will explore “10 Signs of Fever in Cats,” helping you to recognize these symptoms early and seek professional veterinary care promptly. For any concerns, feel free to contact Frontier Veterinary Urgent Care in Milwaukee, WI, at (262) 226-2055, or visit our website at www.frontierveturgentcare.com.

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Understanding Feline Fever

Just like in humans, a fever in cats is often a sign that their body is fighting off an infection.It can also be an indication of inflammation, pain or even cancer. A normal temperature for cats is typically between 99.5 and 102.5 degrees Fahrenheit. Anything above this range might indicate a fever. Notably, fever is a symptom rather than a disease itself, underlying a variety of conditions ranging from minor to severe.

Top 10 Signs Your Cat May Have a Fever

Cats aren’t always forthcoming about their discomfort, which makes it important for you to watch out for subtle signs that could signal a health issue. Here are ten symptoms of fever in cats to look out for.

1. Loss of Appetite

Cats suffering from fever often lose their appetite. If your cat starts skipping meals or shows decreased interest in food, it might be time for a check-up.

2. Decreased Activity Level

A noticeable decrease in your cat’s energy levels, where they seem more tired or less playful than usual, can be a tell-tale sign of a fever.

3. Changes in Grooming Habits

Cats are meticulous groomers. If your cat suddenly stops taking care of its coat or it starts to look unkempt, this might be a sign of discomfort.

4. Increased Heart Rate

Cats with fever may have an increased heart rate. Although this is tough to monitor at home, it’s something your vet will check during an examination.

5. Dehydration

A fever can cause dehydration. If your cat’s gums are dry, sticky, or pale, it could be dehydrated and possibly feverish.

6. Shivering

While it may be subtle, cats with a high fever might shiver, similar to humans.

7. Lethargy

Your normally active cat may seem listless or disinterested in activities they usually enjoy when running a fever.

8. Behavioral Changes

Behavior changes like irritability, hiding, or seeking more affection than usual can be a sign of discomfort related to fever.

9. Warm Ears and Paws

These areas can feel unusually warm in a feverish cat, although this is an unreliable indicator when considered alone.

10. Increased Respiratory Rate

Breathing changes such as fast or labored breathing can be an indication of a fever.  Any breathing changes observed in a cat should be evaluated by a veterinarian immediately. 

The Importance of Prompt Veterinary Attention

Recognizing these signs early is crucial in ensuring your cat gets the help it needs promptly. Fever is a sign that your cat’s body is battling against an infection or other underlying condition. It’s essential not to attempt home treatments as these could potentially cause more harm than good.

If your cat shows any of these symptoms, contact Frontier Veterinary Urgent Care immediately at (262) 226-2055 or visit our website at www.frontierveturgentcare.com As the leading veterinary urgent care provider in Milwaukee, WI, we have the expertise and equipment to diagnose and treat your feline friend efficiently and compassionately.

Trusting Frontier Veterinary Urgent Care

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