Heather B.

Assistant Practice Manager

Heather Brault Client Service Lead

Heather has been with Frontier Vet Urgent Care since April of 2023 starting as our Customer Service Representative Lead and now providing support as our Assistant Practice Manager. Prior to working with FVUC, she worked in Emergency and Speciality Veterinary Medicine in Client Care for 2 and 1/2 years. Before finding her way in the veterinary medicine field, Heather obtained her Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice and has worked in various industries. Heather’s passion in life has alway been to help all living things and try to leave the world better than it was yesterday. It was no surprise to her family or friends when she decided to pursue working in the veterinary medicine field since she has always loved animals. Heather enjoys connecting with pet owners and hearing their stories about their pets while also being there to support them during stressful and difficult times. When she is not at work, Heather spends the majority of her time with her dog at home. She also enjoys the outdoors, hiking, gardening, reading, going to farmers markets, baking, and going to Brewer games.